Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Odd cat

As some of you may know, Camry has been...having issues the last couple of day.  (And what I had to do for those issues shall never again be mentioned!!)

I told DH last night that I think he is upset by our packing & rearranging of "his" room.  We've moved the scrapping tables out so we can start stacking boxes in his room.  DH has another idea.  He insists that Camry has been staring intently at my belly for days now.  In fact, since I got home DH has been mentioning this.  Now, we all know cats tend to stare vacantly for no apparent reason all the time.  So whether he is staring at me b/c he knows something is going on, or just because his head is pointed that up for debate.  Mom found this hysterical and so I thought I'd share the theories. :-)

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