Sunday, June 29, 2008

Begin....after the car trip

Well the car trip was.....interesting. 15 hours in a very small 2 door car packed with waaaayyy too much stuff is always interesting. Husband says that 15 hours w/ him is my bday gift....I think we have a different definition of "gift". :-) We're in a hotel in Ontario tonite, very small but it has great internet and that's a nice option. Tomorrow night I'll see the "condo" which is apparently NY-speak for "apartment". It's a nice 2bdrm from what the descriptions say. We'll post pictures when we can (and when I figure out how.)

I saw Niagara Falls today!!!! So amazing - even just driving by. My honey cracks me up -- I'm oohing and ahhing and he says "Isn't it funny that all these people come all this way to look at falling water?!" Well that's one way of putting it! It's amazing - I didn't realize there are so many different "grouping" in the falls, it's not just one straight section. Canada is for SURE the best side to see them from - so GO GET YOUR PASSPORTS!! I want company!

Lewiston so far seems really nice, they were having a "garden festival" this weekend Brenda - made me think of you. So many people walking around - even w/ the sporadic rain showers. We're very close to a grocery store, CVS and the park where they have free concerts on Tuesdays in the summer. The town is just gorgeous. Lots of tiny houses that are pretty, but old. One fancy-schmancy hotel that they say goes for like 200/night. Ugh. Kind of "Carthage square" meeting "Victorian houses in Pburg" meets the hills of Branson. (Which means I'll be having to drive when we're going somewhere - I can see this being a problem w/ that lovely stomach of mine.

More to come later - I'll try to be as good as Kt - posting a few times a week but no promises! ;-)


KT said...

Worst profile ever. Please fix.

KT said...

Much better.

Anonymous said...

Mandy I miss you at work. Hope you are getting settled into your new surroundings. I will email you soon!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the car ride was very interesting. Glad it is pretty to look around as you get your bearings. Looking forward to seeing lots and lots of pics!

Anonymous said...

When do we get pictures of the condo?