Thursday, July 3, 2008

Yay for internet!

So I finally have internet again (and cable which I've never had before and am insanely over-excited about!) :-P We have most stuff unpacked - the apartment is smaller than what we had before, but it has oodles of closets. Therefore I think it will be better b/c we can put everything "AWAY" instead of having it "SITTING OUT EVERYWHERE!" (I'm quoting someone ---- wonder who that would be???)
I'm starting to get a little lonely - but there is still boxes to unpack and things to put somewhere - there is no closet big enough for my bike so I have no idea where it's going. Anyone who wants to come visit is more than welcome but the guest room is really small - so consider yourself forewarned.
I have managed to shower 2 days now w/o a shower curtain - the grocery store here (Tops -- why it's called Tops I have no idea) does not carry them and I forgot there was a Dollar General around the corner (which mom reminded me carries curtains.) Oh well, I didn't spray water all over so I am happy. They say there's a Sams, Target etc in Niagara so I assume we'll go exploring this weekend.

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KT said...

Yay for the internet! And for closets!