Thursday, July 24, 2008

Simple Pleasures

I love being able to have more than one cup of coffee if I want it since I can use my coffee pot again! (Bought a new carafe since the movers broke my other one.) And "Mudslide" creamer -- yummmm!

I met more really nice people yesterday. I went to the chiropractor (awesome adjustment) and his office lady was SO nice and told me about all the festivals in town. I figured I'd list them in case any of them interested ya'll. Obviously I missed some in July so I'll start w/ September when I'll be back in town.

Sept 5-7 - Niagara County Peach Festival --- YUMM!!
Sept 20 - Lewiston Country Fair
Sept 27-28 Harvest Festival and Craft Show.

I'm most excited about the Peach festival - I'm always good with food!!! Apparently they make a peach cobbler that's to die for!!

Have a great day all!

(And by the way - I just saw on TV a Chihuahua and Lab mix. Now not to be too inquisitive but....HOW ON EARTH!?!?!?!)


Anonymous said...

That just puts a bad picture in my head to think about the Chihuahua and Lab "mixing". Funny thot though.

MMMMM Mudslide creamer. Sounds very yummy and I don't even like coffee.


Anonymous said...

Very carefully.....