Thursday, July 17, 2008


Yesterday, as some may have heard, my bathroom light fixtured attempted to set my apt on fire - shooting sparks and staining the ceiling w/ smoke. Scared me to death! I got it shut off and it didn't flip the breaker but it's very strange. It didn't burn out any bulbs, but one of the bulbs won't turn on. We switched it into a lamp and it worked there so it's not the bulb. Who knows, our landlord is supposed to get it taken care of today.

I found the library yesterday - they had a huge kids program going on and one of the kids had the giggles so bad it made me start giggling. So funny. I had lunch at the Orange Cat w/ Danielle - they're salads and sandwiches are really good and cheap!

Then my dear husband got home about 6 (I know - SHOCKING) and we went to dinner w/ Cole and Danielle. We went to an Irish Pub here in town - I had the steelhead sandwich which is a type of salmon served open-faced. (Kt you'd love it).

Today I am waiting to see when someone will come to look at the light fixture, and going over to play w/ Danielle's fluff-ball dog. Her name is Sophie, she's only a year old and this way she doesn't have to be alone for 12 hours while Cole is at work since Danielle is flying out this morning. Yay! An animal to play with!! :-) I plan to take a book and hang out there awhile so she has someone to play with.

Hope everyone has a good day!

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Anonymous said...

I am glad they got your light fixed. I am sure you are enjoying Sophie as much as Sophie is enjoying you.

Let the reading begin!!!!