Sunday, July 13, 2008

Yay for Pictures!

So my dear husband took me to Niagara Falls yesterday for my birthday - yay! My pictures are a little out of order but please enjoy! This close to the falls you can feel the constant mist - it's amazing. It was packed with people, we heard so many different languages and walked my poor little feet off! He said we probably did about 5 miles (I know Mom, to you that was nothing but it was all concrete so it was hard walking).
This is my gorgeous hydrangea bush - we have one right outside our door and it's warm enough now the blooms are starting to fade but it's still so pretty. I absolutely love it!!

This is the church that's across the street from our "condo complex". It's really old and we can hear church bells when the windows are open. I love that!

This is the "Horseshoe" part of the falls - it's on the Canadian side and the biggest part. If you look at the bottom of where the water is falling you see a pale shadow - that's a "Maid of the Mist" boat that you can ride. They take you so far up next to the falls that they are running their motors so hard you can see the water churn....just to stand still from the power of the water running over the falls. It's amazing - very humbling to see the amount of water and hear the roar.

This last pictures is of the American Falls - it's actually 2 different falls which I had no idea of before we went.

So I hope everyone likes the pictures -- many thanks to Kt for talking me thru how to post them!! I had a great birthday - we went out to eat w/ some of the other work guys and one's fiancee named Danielle. We had a hard time finding a resteraunt so ended up in I'm betting the fanciest place in Lewiston - it was Italian and I had the "linguine w/ clams".... Poor husband ordered this spaghetti dish and they asked if he wanted it with the (insert a word I couldn't pronounce and had no idea what it was). He asked what it was and she said "conkfish". You should have seen his face, poor guy. They brought him just simple spaghetti and he said it was ok. I could not quit snickering tho. Then we went to one of the resteraunt/bars in town and heard a live group sing for awhile - they weren't too bad. :-)

We hung my pictures today - yay! We're all settled now - so fancy. It's really nice to see them up - they never made it up in our last place b/c we kept anticipating the move....

Hope everyone has a good week - thanks for all the bday wishes. I even was serenaded yesterday - My honey's niece and nephew Arista and Orion and some of Arista's softball teammates got on the video call last night and sang "Happy Birthday" to me. :-)


KT said...

Beautiful, love the church!

Anonymous said...

Great job with the pics!!! Very cool to see. I love that you can hear the church bells. That is awesome. Looking forward to lots more pics!