Sunday, July 6, 2008

Yay - organization!

Well my honey was home today so now we're pretty organized. His first day to just chill in over 3 weeks - he's laughing at commercials that are so old....oh well. :-)
Well we sat in the picnic area out front of our complex and watched fireworks --- the big ones would echo endlessly off the hills and valleys around us - it sounded like the big "kettle drums" or thunder --- AMAZING! They would "boom" so loud that my pant legs would shake. It was nice.
We made it to the grocery store, I have more for lunch now than PB - yippee! I also got an early bday present from my "I never forget a comment" sister who remembered I liked "Urban Decay"'s makeup and got me a gift card to there to use online. I ordered a couple of waterproof eyeliners and some eyeshadow primer she assures me is very popular! I love to shop! I also got my first mail, a card from Kt and a card from Amy - thanks girls!!
We went to the Presbytarian (sp?) church that's just up the road from us today. It was different but really nice people. We walked to church, then walked to a small cafe for lunch and then just wandered around town. Brenda - there's a small "Chocolate House" place that you have GOT to come check out - it's so yummy! We fixed my bike for me so I could ride around this week - I have to get my new license at some point this week - it expires on my bday --- oops. :-)

Hope everyone had a great holiday weekend.


Anonymous said...

MMMMM Chocolate!!!!! Sounds yummy! I am glad you had a good time watching the fireworks and it sound like you had a great day yesterday just chilling with your hubby. Very good. Miss you so much already!


KT said...

Wow, the fireworks sound awesome! Glad you liked your present, I don't make a concious effort to "never forget a comment," sometimes they just come back to me when I need them! Hope you like the makeup when you get it!