Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Random Thots

I cannot believe that it is the middle of July and I have the windows open and I'm under a BLANKET b/c it's chilly w/ the ceiling fan on. This weather is definitely taking some getting used to.
I cannot believe how much laundry 2 people can generate - and how I forgot about that fact while I was working and my husband did most of it.
I cannot believe I made it home from the grocery store on my bike w/ 2 bags of ice!
I cannot believe my best friend is off to EUROPE w/o me in less than a week! And if she doesn't bring back a million pictures and stories and such I will be one unhappy camper!


KT said...

I can't believe how much laundry 2 people have either! I feel like all I do is laundry, all the time!

Anonymous said...

Hey now, I have three people and it is absolutely crazy how much laundry we generate. Thankfully, my hubby does most of it or I would be in big trouble.

Tell Moni that I want to see tons of pics too!

Love the fact that the weather is so nice there! I am jealous as I sweat just walking out the door.