Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Hello! How is everybody? I hope you enjoyed all the photos from our trip! I started my job at CVS today (well orientation was last night but actually started "working" today). I like it! Everyone seems to be very nice and helpful, if a little stressed out. It seems to be very focused on "Smile, eye contact, do ANYTHING to make the customer happy" etc. which is a good place to work. Even as a lowly "cashier/clerk" I'm empowered (such a funny word) to do minor returns, substitutions etc. Plus the managers are happy to be paged for questions. So far my only worries are:
1. They sell cigarretes which I've never sold/purchased so that will take some learning.
2. Same deal with the moneygrams but apparently they're not common purchases.
3. Danskos are going to be important again b/c I'll be on my feet the whole time. They don't have a "cushion" to stand on like we did at the pharmacy etc.

The temp agency had me assigned back to a previous job for Friday but CVS needed me and didn't really give me a way to say no.... I hope the temp agency still uses me! At least it's a 9-3 shift at CVS that day so I'm not giving up a full 8 hours at the higher pay for 4 hours at min wage. I am unable to ask off for mom's visit which irritates me a little (I want to hang out w/ her!) but she seems very fine with it which helps. I'm going to ask off for Amy's visit when I go in tomorrow. Here's hoping everything works like I want it to and no one yells too much at me tomorrow and I'll keep you updated!

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Anonymous said...

I don't know if I remembered to tell you that dad did stop and he enjoyed looking at all the pics. We both like the black and white one of the palm trees, very "artsy"!