Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Mom's here!

We are having a wonderful time. She ignores my head cold that makes my nose run, throat hurt and plugs my ears and I ignore her ears being plugged from flying. :-) We got up and went to the stairs this morning - did both sets - about 7900 steps according to my pedometer. Very good workout - especially since I did weights yesterday - my poor legs were crying for mercy! lol
We went to the chinese place here in town for lunch, such good food! This evening we're off to the outlet mall, BB&B, Ulta, then to the Melting Pot for cheese and chocolate. We have plans to cook ckn & noodles, ham balls & cinnamon rolls while she's here. Oh who am I kidding - she has plans to cook all that. I will assist while I'm not at work. :-) I will try to take some pics later and post.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like you girls are having a great time. Hope you feel better. Hey, tell your mom that I would like the recipe for the ham balls and her vegetable beef soup. PLEASE.

;-) Bren