Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Heeheehee - Camry got a new toy

DH came home from shopping with a cat toy - green and yellow feathers on the end of a stick.  Camry went NUTS!  Instantly comes running over, attacks it and pulls off a yellow feather in 1.5 seconds.  When I tried to hide the toy so I could type this blog he started running from one side of the recliner to the other popping his head up like a meerkat trying to find it.  He is DESPERATE to kill the feathers.  Oh my word.  Best present ever!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

What a nice thing for him to do! Entertaining for both you AND Camry!

Don't let him get tangled up in your crutches though.

Love, MOM

Mandy said...

He's TERRIFIED of the crutches - runs and hides under the bed every time I get up.