Friday, August 26, 2011

Camry's toy

So when I got up this morning, alllllllll of this yarn was in a big knot. (To be fair, they were a bit tangled in the bag to begin with.) However now this knot was dinner-plate sized. Camry had fished the pink ball out, the one in front. He drug the yarn all over the living room, around tables, chairs, pillows etc. Then into the kitchen and back into the living room. Can you say "dangerous situation for crutches"?? DH had come in the living this morning when he woke up -- caught Camry mid-mess. He told Camry "ooooooooo you are in TROUBLE!" I sat on the floor and wound alllllll the balls back up so no more trip-hazard. What a mess. Crack me up.
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Anonymous said...

He is a BAD CAT!