Monday, October 3, 2011

I am exhausted!! Please tell me "good job!"

I started with a dirty kitchen. Do note, everything on the counter and in the drainer is clean. I was waiting for DH to put them away. And waiting.........and waiting........and waiting. I finally got sick of it today and decided between barstools, kick stools and crutches, I WOULD manage to get it all done.

I mopped, cleaned the counters (with my new counter spray mom - it smells SO good!) I did all the dishes, put them all away and organized the towel/cookbook rack. I filled the fridge w/ water bottles and root beer. Put away the collection of cereal, chips etc that collected on the counters. Cleaned the stove off. I also vacuumed again (heaven help me) and cleaned the cat room. I even dusted!!

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Anonymous said...

****and the crowd goes wild with applause****

:-) Brenda

Mandy said...

Thank you thank you thank you! *bows gracefully with crutch waving at the crowd as they throw roses*

Anonymous said...

LOTS of roses!!!! You have done more w/a broken leg than I get done with out! Yay for YOU!