Tuesday, October 25, 2011

New "nice" clothes

I cannot believe I bought not 1, but 2 dresses!! This one is a sweater dress, will be so cute w/ black tights. Short sleeves.

These are 2 sweater/tank sets I purchased. The sweaters are all ruffly on the edge - so cute!

A new wrap dress - short sleeves and slick material so it bounces and drapes nicely.
I'm not going shoe shopping etc until my leg heals up. The right foot is still thick with swelling around it and my ankle. Sigh. Of course DH was not at all impressed with the dresses. I miss my girls who will tell me I'm cute in them instead of "what is THAT!?!" Men! :-)
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Anonymous said...

What do men know about clothes! I'm sure you look VERY cute in them!

Love, MOM

Anonymous said...

YAY for all kinds of pretty new clothes!

:-) Bren

Rene said...

I love the new clothes wish I was there to see you in them......xoxo