Friday, January 6, 2012

The Car Reveal!!

Unsuspecting Jackie...

The Oliver nose knows!!

She figured it out!!! "Yes dear, you get MY car!"

A great improvement over the "mullet-mobile"

1 of the 2 givers (the other doesn't allow his pic on my blog.) Why am I shorter???
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Anonymous said...

Your mother obviously didn't eat well during your gestation! So, you are shorter than EVERYONE!

Jackie is a blessed young lady, her parents did a great job!


Mandy said...

Lol. I love that it looks like Oliver figured it out before Jackie did. I hadn't even noticed that at the time until I saw the picture.

Anonymous said...

Eric says that you are standing on the lower part of the hill in the picture and that is why you are shorter.

Love Oliver's excitement too!