Monday, June 29, 2009

Assorted pics

These are the new earrings I bought when Kt was here. I got them at a Japanese store at Niagara-on-the-Lake. They're oragami that's then shellacked (sp?) to be more durable.

This is my hydrangea bush this week. It went from no flowers to full on gorgeous in just a week or so! To me it's odd to see different colored balls of flowers all on the same bush!

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Anonymous said...

Do the flowers smell as pretty as they look?


Anonymous said...

Cute fish earrings!! I think they are totally you!! Also that hydrangea bush is so pretty..I too think its so fun its multicolored! I have never seen one like it. My peony bush bloomed so pretty last month:) I wish I could come visit you sometime for a long weekend. Whats the closest airport to you? I may check out airfare and see what would work for you later in the fall?? I love seeing your pictures and the places your visitors visit:)AMY

Anonymous said...

Love the earrings!!!!

The hydrangea is gorgeous.

Can't wait to see you later this week!!!!!!