Friday, June 26, 2009


I AM SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO glad to be done w/ that job. I swear, I was working in a LOONY BIN!!!!!!! Theresa never even said "thanks" or "Good job" or even "Well, bye" when I tt her on the phone. Oh well. I got criticized for not organizing things more while I was there (I think they underestimated how bad it was) but they understood that I couldn't take much away from Teresa, she didn't "share well" with others. :-) I bought bad-for-me pizza, berry pie, and the icecream that IS on my diet for dinner tonite. WOOHOO!!!!!!!!!!! I wish I had people to party with tho. Poor Josh has to wk tomorrow morning, then he has golf in the afternoon so I'll probably head to the hospital to see Teresa. I also have to get my ring inspected and I want to ck out Ulta for hair products (why does my hair have to be SO hard to style???) I think we're hitting a drive-in in Canada this weekend to see the new Transformer movie - yay!!!! Too many movies out I want to see! The new Xmen, Night at the Museum II, Transformer, then HARRY POTTER is in a couple of weeks - YAY!!! I love how they put them out for my bday - just for me I'm sure, haha. Well that's enough rambling, I'm sure you've figured out by now that I'm just a bit HAPPY and WIRED etc. :-)
YAY FOR BRENDA, ERIC & JACKIE next week! I am sooooooo excited to show you around! Must hit the Hershey store, Coke store, falls, stairs, fireworks at night, Niagara on the Lake, outlet mall --- goodness, thank heaven I'm not wking after all that! :-)


Anonymous said...

Next time I come I want to see falls at night if possible...

Anonymous said...

Eric, Bren & Jackie are SOOOO looking forward to getting to see all of those places but best of all is getting to see you and your hubby!

Bren :-)