Sunday, June 14, 2009

Kt's visit - Day 2

We got up - straightened my hair (Ok, Kt straightened my hair while I sat purrrrrring from the stress relief effect of someone playing w/ my hair.) Then we attempted to go to church. However apparently the church we were going to either forgot it was Sunday or cancelled services or...I'm not sure what. We got there 10 mins early, a lady was playing piano. At 10 (when services were to start) another lady came in, got the piano player and they left. us. in the dark sanctuary. So we left and went to the bfast cafe around the corner and had another bfast. Then we walked home and drove to Niagara on the Lake in CA to shop at all the funny little stores. I got some japanese oragami tiny little oragami fish earrings. They're laquered so they last and are so light and pretty! I also found heaven --- I mean another place that makes REAL pb and choc icecream. Previously I had found that heaven only existed at Baskin Robbins. Yay for another place to find it! :-)
We came home and took naps, then went for a nice little 7 mile bike ride which apparently has exhausted Kt. I keep doing that! :-) We may highlight my hair tonite, then tomorrow is my wkout in the morning and we still need to do the Devil's Hole stairs and the maid in the mist.

P.S. PLEASE sign your name to your postings - otherwise how do I know who you are??? :-) TY!


Anonymous said...

I remembered to sign, yea ME! Can't wait to see the pictures of the highlights! MUM

KT said...

she is lying, it was like 20 miles.