Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Have a job, have a job, have a job job job!

So for those of you that didn't get the screaming phone call - they LOVED me at KU and I'm flying down to meet with them Friday afternoon. If all goes well and they offer me the job I'll start on Nov 2nd. I'll live w/ mom/dad and visit Kt frequently. I will have access to things that purr and things that bark. We will try to get my poor husband on TDY so he can fly down to visit. I wouldn't have to worry about driving home w/ all the Christmas stuff in the back.


Anonymous said...

I am sooooo very happy for you! That is great news!


Anonymous said...

You need to update this:) most of us know you got the job and are starting on November 16th....I am still SUPER EXCITED for you and also for me since you will be in the same building working and we can do lunch sometimes:)