Thursday, October 8, 2009

So how is everyone? I'm looking forward to a 3-day weekend for both of us - Canadian Thanksgiving. Guess what their "thanksgiving story" is? Yup, same as ours. In the same place, same Indians and settlers etc. Copycats. :-)
I am thankful for chiropractors and muscle relaxers. My back is tender and numb in spots but so far no shocking pain which is nice. I'm grateful they found someone else to wk till 5 today since I didn't want to. I'm grateful for my new Christmas present which is SO AWESOME I just cannot shut up about it :-P. Even the chiro was admiring it yesterday. I'm thankful that I have a spouse that supports me whether I work or not and cares about my health enough to nag me to take care of it. And I'm thankful it is NOT RAINING so I can walk to work today.
Hope everyone has a good rest of the week!

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Anonymous said...

I am grateful you are able to find things to be grateful for! Good girl!

Love, MOM