Monday, October 26, 2009

Upon request.......

Here's your update Amy! So yes, I am starting on Nov 16th, (Happy Bday Kt!). My first day I have to be in the cafeteria by 7:30 -- photo ready for my badge. Ugh. Suppose I can bring coffee with me?? 3 days of hospital orientation before I start my actual assignments. I'm excited. And scared.

Some random thots that are bouncing around inside my head.

1. Why is it, when you look at something you haven't seen before you say "What is it?" Example. Kt sends me the AWESOME new business cards she made for her Personal Asst. job. I showed them to my husband and he says....."What is it?" It's a business card, I know you've NEVER seen one before........ I know what he meant was "Why do you have a business card w/ Kt's name on it" but that's not what he said.
2. I have learned this evening that some of my husband's coworkers give their wives the email/phone info for their bosses/payroll dept/etc when they are not getting results. Why can't MY husband do that? I would be THRILLED to be able to personally nag the men (why are they always men?) responsible for withholding info on our moving options.... Like "Who will move me - you or us? Will you pay for plane trips to visit? Do we still get a move bonus? Answers required in 30 mins --- bonus of food if answered in 15." Sounds perfectly logical to me.... :-)
3. Why can't I get my books back from people? And why did I think it was good to loan them in the first place?
4. New sweat/lounging pants are among the most comforting feelings in the world. I have 2 new pairs. They are heavenly!!!!!!!! Just like "fuzzy socks".
5. There are few things more satisfying than stumbling upon the best gift for someone who deserves it. I have found a gift for mom for flying up to help me drive down etc. It's something she's wanted for a long time (if you know, don't spoil it) and I'm very excited. I called to torment her w/ it tonite! :-)


KT said...

didn't he comment on the plaidness of the cards? do i have any of your books? what did you get mom?

Mandy said...

Nope, nope and will only tell after mom gets the gift or chat. not on blog in case she gets on :-)

Anonymous said...

I can safely say that I don't have any of your books, heehee. I know what the gift is.......I am pretty sure anyway.


Mandy said...

No, the lady I used to wk w/ that's in the hospital has my books....I suppose I should have more sympathy but I'd like to get them back before I leave.......without a long drawn out "counseling session". Man I miss my KC girls!! You're so much better friends than the people I find up here!!

Anonymous said...

I'm on....thought you might tell Katie what my present was! You know me too well!


Anonymous said...

wow my name was mentioned!! Ha Ha you know I am just nosey and have to know whats going on huh?:)