Sunday, June 13, 2010

Time for a grumbly whine...

I am sick of being sick. I had the worst migraine in the world all day Friday and Saturday. I took meds that didn't help at all, therefore today my stomach is in full rebellion mode. I am SO tired of my body rebelling. And as a lady at work said, my migraine Friday was flashing "KU" above it --- this audit at work is going to be the death of me. I hit 4o hours at 12:45 Friday and headed home in pain. Having tried every med I had, I later had to cancel the massage I had scheduled for that night. It was to be my "fun" thing since my husband was gone from Wed-Sun on a golf trip. I do NOT like being home alone sick.
Stupid NY State keeps sending notice after notice after notice about how WE LEFT the STATE and sent new registration to them, sent them new insurance but we are suspending your plates (yeah, not using them anymore idiot, that's why we sent you our KS registration.) Stupid ignorant idiots. I am SO sick of dealing w/ them. I do NOT have time to call tomorrow, I have to work late to prep for the audit and here we get ANOTHER letter suspending my registration. I KNOW it's not usable stupid, that's why we sent you our KS registration!!!!!!! AHHHHHH!
Ok, Sorry. Just needed to get all that out. Husband won't be home till after I go to bed tonite and I needed to vent to somebody.

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