Friday, July 9, 2010

Scarred for life....

You know those things that you grow up with that 20 years later someone mentions and your upbringing just HOWLS in revolt? I sent this email to my sister just a few minutes ago...

"Does hearing about soggy cereal make you gag?
We were discussing grape nuts at wk (long story) and Laura said her mom used to rave about how she loved it "for the crunch" but she would pour it out w/ some half & half and let it soak for hours before eating it. My stomach is literally gagging just typing that. I think its the whole "pour less or you'll eat it for lunch" thing. I can't even eat a full bowl of honey bunches of oats at once b/c the flakes get soggy. I have to pour a bit, pour milk, eat. Repeat repeat."

She does it too.
See mom - we learned our lesson well. Never eat soggy cereal.
I wonder if this is where my dislike of all things not chewable (pudding etc) comes from???

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Anonymous said...

I can't stand soggy cereal. One of the nastiest textures ever!

:-) Bren