Friday, October 28, 2011

First Snow

This is even worse than Lewiston!  I looked back in my blog - our first snow there was Nov 18th.  Towanda got enough snow to cover the grass, we saw cars covered in snow last night when we went out.  It snowed at the house, but didn't stick.  We are covered in frost this morning though.  They have accumulated snow at the jobsite too.  Blah.  
Went to the library last night and got a bunch of books.  Also got Taco Bell - yay!  :-)  Totally did not get what I ordered, but it was good anyway.  
Hope everyone is having a good Friday!


Anonymous said...

And did you tell them they messed up your order?????


Mandy said...

Nope. It was good, I was satisfied. No worries.