Saturday, September 6, 2008


Yay! This week my Gpa and his friend Martha are coming to visit - I'm so excited! I've been making lists of all the places I want to take them. Obviously the falls, then we had breakfast this morning at a little cafe called "Tommy George's Villa". It's open every day till about 1 - been here for 32 years, Tommy George is there every morning, knows all his regulars by name and what they order and in the afternoon he goes golfing. Had the best "bfast bagel" ever!! And... it's next door to this tiny little PIE SHOP!!!! I told the lady I was bringing in my Gpa when he got here, she gave me a menu - said if there was something he wanted that wasn't on the menu to just let her know. I love this town!!!!! I want to take them to the popcorn place, the chocolate house, (have you noticed these are all food places?) Brio's pizza etc. Plus I want to take them down by lake Ontario where we found the beautiful beach last weekend. I promise to post lots of pictures -- I'm sure to take dozens w/ our camera. :-)

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Anonymous said...

Gpa and Martha are going to have so much fun. You are going to have a blast being able to show them around. I am excited for all of you.