Monday, September 15, 2008

Pics of the recent company :-)

Here are Gpa and Martha on the bridge headed into Canada. Aren't they sweet!!! I picked them up on Thursday and we began a whirlwind 3 day tour of the area. On Thursday I took them to eat at the Silo overlooking the Niagara River. Gpa even avoided the icecream they sell since we were headed to the "Maid of the Mist" boat tour.

This is poor Gpa dealing with the giant blue plastic raincoat on the boat tour. We all agreed they must have made them out of old WalMart bags!! They were huge and the boat wasn't very full so they kept trying to blow up over our heads. Gpa took out his hearing aids and glasses so he could enjoy the trip. He was soooooo excited he could barely stand still (oh wait, maybe that was the rocking boat). Oh well, they had a great time (and so did I since I hadn't been on it before) and Gpa considered it a good excuse to hang onto Martha - have to make sure she doesn't fall! :-P

Later we walked all the way up and around the American falls. I had so much fun watching Gpa and Martha - they were having a wonderful time. Gpa could stand in the same place for 20 mins just watching the water churn and surge in and around the rocks. They were very excited to see the rainbow pictured above. Gpa said that if this was all they got to do on their trip that it would have been worth it.

Those of you who know Gpa can probably guess why we have this lovely picture. He kept seeing change laying in and around the water and insisted that if Martha and I would just "do our part" and hold onto his legs he could reach that and go stick his hand in the falls etc. Apparently we are just "wet blankets" because every time he said something like that Martha would get a tighter grip on his jacket and I'd shoot him dirty looks. For those of us who've heard the funny tape say it with me "Martha -- I'm goin for it!"

Well this was just the first day of pictures. My husband took some video of the fireworks which were so pretty. We saw those on Friday night and then went over to explore the Canadian falls in the daylight on Saturday. We walked ourselves into exhaustion on the three trips I must say. We ate pizza and chocolate until we nearly made ourselves sick (all Gpa's fault --- he was trying to make sure Martha was happy). :-) I took them to all my favorite places in town, Gpa and Martha really seemed to love Lewiston. We went out with some work people Friday night before the fireworks, got to visit the popcorn store and Chip and Dip even made an appearance.
And now I must relate the things we said after the company left. My honey said "I don't know that I've ever seen your Gpa so happy. He was grinning from ear to ear and laughing more than I've ever seen." I told him I have faint memories of years ago when Gma was still healthy and Gpa being that happy. However that was a LONG time ago and it's been years since I've heard him laugh so much. I must say the two of them were the cutest couple ever. They would sit in my backseat and whisper to each other and laugh and held hands all the time. And then of course there were the times where I had to call Gpa's name when going around corners in case they were being a bit more friendly! :-) I have not laughed so much in 3 days time as I did with Gpa and Martha. Despite some confusion on whether doors were open or closed, Gpa forgetting his birth cert. so it had to be overnighted and watching the weather to keep track of the hurricane due to Martha's family being in TX I think all had a great time. And as predicted- I slept almost all day yesterday --- which is of course the sign of a truly satisfying week. :-)
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Anonymous said...

They are definitely one adorable couple! I am so glad you had such a good time and they obviously did too. It is great to hear that gpa was so happy and giddy.


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much to both you and your generous husband for funding this trip for Gpa and Martha. You are laying up treasures in heaven. When I was in Bible college one of my teachers used to say "you can't take it with you, but you can send it on ahead!" I think you and Josh made a big deposit in your heavenly accounts with this trip! Love, MOM

Gregory Fish said...

Thanks to both of you, Josh and Mandy, for making this trip possible. I haven't had good internet access here in South Texas, so I saw the first photo the other day, but didn't have time to read your post until just now.

Blessings on you both!

David G. Fish said...


The above comment, attributed to Gregory Fish, was actually mine. His computer picked up a weak wi-fi signal, but mine was unable to get it. Now I'm in a public wi-fi spot, logged in as myself.

Thanks again for providing for this trip.