Thursday, September 18, 2008

I love that small things make me happy...

Especially with christmas coming up (that is my husband's hint for gift cards....) Just kidding. I was just thinking about how much more fun it is to be someone who gets joy out of small things. For instance, the J&J bodywash I bought w/ my hostess giftcard that I never would have bought for myself and smells yummily of lavender, the fact that it is so nice and cool I may leave for my second bike ride of the day, and the NF and DC paper/stickers that I bought at the scrapping store in NF yesterday. It was only a few pages but gave me much joy to find it!!
So, to those of you who are still reading my (very boring) blog lately - what small things make you happiest. (Keep in mind christmas is coming and I need ideas, someone told me we have less than 100 days left to shop in!)

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Anonymous said...

I love being able to "spoon" my couch with my warm blanket in my own home. I love that my hubby and daughter went grocery shopping for me this week! YAY!!!! They even did a great job! I love that my friend has this great blog that I get to look at to see what she is up to.