Monday, September 8, 2008

Naming Contest

These are the 2 chipmunks that live outside my apartment. I need names! Any suggestions? They're awfully cute!
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Anonymous said...

Well, the OBVIOUS name choices would be....(everyone who is old like me say it all together now...)


Love, MOM

Mandy said...

No dice, try again! And not Alvin and whatever the others are either.

KT said...

Pete & Repete.

Anonymous said...

Itty and Bitty? Chip n Dip? They are awfully cute!!!!


Mandy said...

Well I fed them a sour cream and onion chip and they loved it so "Chip and Dip" win. :-) Yay for Brenda!

Anonymous said...

Oh man I thought CHIP AND Dale first...then Alvin, Simon, and Theodore BUT i guess Chip and Dip it is:) They are cute little rodents.Hopefully they can help you get to feeling better soon.