Monday, October 27, 2008

Car news....maybe

So I just got a call from the dealership. They're pretty sure they've got it fixed. Long story short, they figured out it's a "feedback" type noise (exactly what my husband had been telling Hyundai for how long?) Oh sorry, I digress: so they disconnect the alternator and later remove the two right front speakers. After 2 hours they test it - no noise. So they put the speakers back and 2 hours later - still no noise. SO, the guy will test it again in the morning and let me know for sure but it had been doing it after just 2 hours outside today at the dealership so all signs point to YIPPEEE! I told the service guy if they had fixed it I would sing their praises from here to timbuktoo! (And yes I'm sure I spelled that wrong.) He said he called the service line and the printout we had given him of the history (3 pages long) was nearly word-for-word what Hyundai had on file, he was AMAZED that no one had figured this out before......he's not the only one!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

YAY!!!! WOOOOOOHOOOOOO!!!!! Sounds to me like those guys deserve a prize indeed!


Amy said...

OH MY GOODNESS!!!I had a feeling that this might get solved....or I was hoping it would. That news is super awesome for you. I know how long its been bothering you. I wonder why no one else figured it out?? They deserve at least a nice thank you letter to their manager if the issue is truly solved.