Thursday, October 16, 2008


Not only do I keep forgetting my camera so I have no pics to post yet of mom/dad's visit --- but a new facewash I bought made my FACE BREAK OUT!!!!!!!! So now I'm having to take benadryl and such and make myself sleepy while I'm trying to host. Yeesh! I'm going to go ask for my money back on that facewash!


Anonymous said...

Oh no! You poor girl. That sucks that you had a reaction to the face wash and really sucks that you have to deal with it while you have company.......:-( I hope you remember your camera today so you can post some pics.


Amy said...

Sorry girl. You are having not having a good time lately with trying new things. First the ham and now the face wash.....and while your parents are there. Hope its cleared up by now. I have forgot my camera to events too a lot lately....if you get some posted we will enjoy them. Have a great weekend.