Wednesday, October 8, 2008

How odd...

Wednesday night is a lonely time I have decided. (See this is what happens when I have a horrible migraine and I take my medicine to make it better.) I want to call someone but Mom's asleep since she's worked extra this week, sister's watching her husband be Elvis at church (don't ask), husband's at work, Moni's boyfriend is meeting her family tonite....and poor Brenda already kept me occupied for awhile this evening. I turned down a "girls night" with some other wives up here b/c of my mouth - which was a good decision considering my migraine but now I'm sappy with no one to babble to. Dear me, I am very pathetic. However, on a high note my mouth is already starting to clear up a bit - mouth is still very sore and blistered but less swollen and improvement in the pain/burning - yippee.

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