Monday, October 20, 2008

Company pictures....

So, here are some pictures that I took while my parents were here visiting. The surrounding towns are having a competition with scarecrows and I thot this one was really good! It's just down the road.

This is a "fuzzy" tree that is across the street - we have decided this is what they make "blankie" out of Katie - so when your's wears out we'll have to get you a "blankie tree"!

I think this was the most beautiful tree we saw while my parents were here - it was in the Ft Niagara park and it was standing all alone, showing off its' finery - isn't it amazing!!!!!!

Here's Daddy standing down by the edge of Lake Ontario. It was SOOOOOOO cold near the lake but the weather wasn't too bad the rest of the time - highs in the middle 50's which was nice considering how much walking we did.

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Anonymous said...

Love the nosedive scarcrow!!!! Now that is creative.