Monday, October 13, 2008

Cleaning day

So today is Canadian Thanksgiving, we're doing shopping for warm winter clothes for wearing on the jobsite this afternoon. I'm trying to get everything picked up so I can clean tomorrow before my mom AND DAD come visit. (I know, shockingly enough I think I guilted him into a visit. Of course he's quite sure he'll get stuck in Chicago since they're flying on standby and he'll never end up making it here. - That's my dad, the optimist!) :-) It's been warmer the last few days - high 70's which is a nice warm-up before winter comes. My face is back to normal - woohoo! I have no intentions of trying that ham again for quite awhile. Job interview on Wed. that I'm quite apathetic about. If they offer it - fine, if not - no worries.


KT said...

You all are going to have fun WITHOUT ME!! Sniff.

Amy said...

I am so glad to hear that both your mom and dad are coming to visit. I know you will show them a good time!! Also was glad to see your lips are all clear and you are back to functioning normally. U dont sound too excited about the job interview?? Details. Good luck.